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“Polytec” for laminates and doors.


Polytec is an Australian marketer and distributor of decorative surfaces dedicated to providing the finest quality products. Across the industry, Polytec is recognised for innovation, craftsmanship, customer service and the use of quality materials. Our products are manufactured with the most technologically advanced and computer integrated manufacturing systems available today.


“Miele” for appliances.
miele 02


Since the company was founded in 1899, Miele has remained true to its ‘Immer Besser’ brand promise. This means that we will do all that we can to be ‘forever better’ than our competitors and ‘forever better’ than we already are. For our customers this means the peace of mind of knowing that choosing Miele is a good decision – and probably the decision of a lifetime!


“Vauth-Sagel” for storage baskets.

Vauth Sagel 01

Today more than ever, consumer’s changing lifestyles are demanding more from their use of living and kitchen space. These demands mean quicker and easier accessibility, better use of storage space and more efficient preparation areas in the kitchen and surrounding areas.
The Vauth-Sagel range of kitchen wireware storage systems offers the perfect solution. Unlike other kitchen wire systems, this sturdy German design and built range, has all the strength, functionality and European design style that are being demanded. Its many options and configurations offer the kitchen owner greater storage solutions, easy cleaning and the durability to last for many years.

“Kessebohmer” for storage baskets.


Clever Storage Sometimes the simplest things are the most extraordinary. Just as nature exhibits amazing efficiency among its elements, Kesseböhmer strives to achieve the perfect balance between form and function. And after 50 years, you can rest assured, they’ve figured it out. With clever storage that considers convenience for today’s multi-use kitchens as much as it considers capacity.
From the elegance and functionality of LeMans to the space-saving style of Tandem, Kesseböhmer turns ordinary cabinets into extraordinary kitchens. Truly innovative designs with non-slip surfaces, transparent storage and smooth handling that deliver a level of simplicity that is naturally easy to use and enjoy. Everything in its perfect place. Everything within reach.

“Blum” for door hinge and drawer hardware.

Blum writes motion with a capital “M”. Our fittings solutions make opening and closing furniture a mesmerising experience and bring enhanced user convenience to the entire home – in particular to kitchens. The function and quality of our products are designed to inspire users. In addition, we attach great importance to top quality services and top quality collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers.