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defining features unique designs essastone quartz’s carefully designed palette perfectly coordinates with other leading brands of interior surfaces, while reflecting Australia’s unique aesthetic. scratch resistant Quartz is one of the hardest natural materials on earth,making essastone quartz highly scratch resistant. stain resistant Very low surface porosity prevents staining from spills. easy care Unlike most natural stone surfaces, essastone quartz does not require sealing or special cleaning products. chemical resistant essastone quartz is unaffected by most household chemicals, acids and oils. Please refer to the care and maintenance card for more information. consistent quality Advanced technology and manufacturing techniques ensure that essastone quartz slabs are produced to a consistently high standard. *Please obtain a copy of the essastone 15 year limited warranty from The Laminex Group or visit † 30mm on selected designs subject to local availability. # suitable for waterfall end fabrication quality assurance essastone quartz is supported by a 15 year limited warranty*. care and maintenance essastone quartz requires very little maintenance to keep the surface in pristine condition for years. For general cleaning, a wipe with warm soapy water and a damp cloth is adequate. For stubborn spills a common cream cleanser is recommended. sheet size essastone quartz comes in one sheet size: 3070mm x 1410mm x 20mm (or 30mm † on selected designs) and can be fabricated in a variety of ways to achieve stunning looks. product information Call 132 136 or visit 20mm pencil round # 20mm arris 20mm bull nose 20mm half bull nose 20mm lambs tongue 20mm shark nose 40mm arris 40mm splayed edge 20mm bevel edge 40mm pencil round 40mm bull nose 40mm half bull nose 40mm shark nose mitre edge #