Resource Brochure

2. Room Preparation Instructions. 1 .Arrange to have the Electricity, Gas & Water disconnected by a licensed tradesman. 2. Carefully remove the old kitchen. 3. If you come across any asbestos, remove and dispose of the material safely. 3. Have electrical, gas & plumbing located to suit the new kitchen. “NOTE” Inform your plumber that the inside of the backs of the new cabinets are 33mm off the wall. For sink, bring water pipes out 650mm off floor. For hot plates, bring gas & electrical out at 800 off floor “behind top drawer”. 4. Repair, patch or replace any damaged ceilings, walls & make good. 5. Remove if needed the old floor coverings and make good as per flooring specialist advice. “NOTE” Take care to look after yourself and your family whilst doing this task. Make sure you where safety glasses & dust masks as there can be a lot of dust created. Wear protective gloves and foot ware, as there can be lots of nails and sharp objects around. Make sure that all electrical wires are safely insulated and made safe. Do not take any risks handling asbestos.