Resource Brochure

5. Base cupboard installation instructions. 1 Base carcase placement. Place all base carcases on prepared kick boxes & fasten together using G clamps and fix using the 30mm screws provided. With the sink carcase you will need to bring the plumbing thru either the back of the cabinet or the bottom. Tip, Do not be overly concerned if you need to make the holes larger, as there are special plastic hole covers for around plumbing pipes available at plumbing shops. 2 Positioning the base cabinets to kick boxes. Measure the overhang of the cabinet from the face of the kick facing , It should be 50mm less the thickness of the kick facing. 3 Fixing the base cabinets to kick boxes. Fix the base cabinets down to the kick boxes using the 50mm screws provided. Tip, Do not attempt to screw cabinets back to the wall as this will result in twisting the cabinets and cause the cabinet fronts not to line up correctly. 4 Install bench tops. Fit and install bench tops as in bench top installation instructions. Tip, Fit and install bench tops before you install tall panels and tall cabinets, as this will make it easier for you.