Resource Brochure

6. Installation of panels. 1 Door thickness. Measure the thickness of the doors & drawer fronts , this + 1mm is the distance you want the panels to overhang the cabinet by. ’IE’ 16mm + 1mm = 17mm. Caution, Walk in corner pantries require that the overhang is to be 20mm. Follow the instructions for walk in pantries 2 Marking the panel. Clamp the panel to the cabinet keeping it parallel to the front edge of the cabinet . Now measure the distance and subtract the required panel overhang . Now cut a scribing block to this measurement & scribe a line onto the panel. You may need to scribe panels to fit to the floor as well. Tip, You can wrap the ends of your G clamps in duct tape to avoid marking the face of the panels. Also if the panels are of a high gloss material you may need to use duct tape along the edge of the panel to be marked. 3 Planning panels. Use a sharp electric hand planer. Caution, Ensure when planning the sides of the panels that the planer is always cutting into the edged top & bottom edge strips , Failure to do so will result in the edge strip coming loose or coming off. Tip, By placing the fixing screws under the centre of the hinge plates you will not see any trace of the screws.