Resource Brochure

7. Overhead cabinet installation instructions. 1 Marking the height of the cabinets. Measure up off the top of the base carcases the total height of the tall carcases less the height of the base carcases. ‘IE’ 2150mm – 730 = 1420 . This is the finished height of the kitchen and should line up with the rest of the tall cabinets. Now measure down a further 16mm and level a line across the wall where the wall cabinets are to be situated. This cleat line should be both level & parallel off the base cabinets, this will ensure that the splashback is parallel. 2 Fixing wall cabinet fixing cleats to wall. Attach wall fixing cleats to wall keeping the tops level to the cleat line on the wall. 3 Overcoming out of plumb walls. Pack the wall cleats plumb. Tip, You can use cut up pieces of old vinyl flooring or ice cream lid to get this right.