Resource Brochure

8. Walk in pantry installation instructions. 1 Prepare kick box. Level up kick boxes to same height as the rest of the kick boxes to the kitchen as per the kick box instructions. 2 Fixing pantry cleat to wall. Fix a wall cleat to the LH & RH back walls 20mm below the top of the pantry. Tip, Fix cleats to nearest stud to sides of pantry. 3 Installation of pantry. Stand up the pantry onto kick box and position the kick box so the sides line up flush & fix the pantry to the kick box. Position the pantry so that it is square & parallel to the rest of the kitchen cabinets. You will need to also position the pantry so that it rests in the right planed spot with the other cabinets, this may mean that it may be positioned off the wall a little. Using a spirit level make sure the pantry is plumb & level across at the top at the door opening. Tip, You can install adjusting screws to the top corners to help hold plumb whilst the panels are being fitted.