Resource Brochure Formica GlossPlus Laminates are marketed and distributed by The Laminex Group, a division of Laminex Group Pty Limited ABN 98 004 093 092. The colours of the products featured within the imagery in this brochure are as close to Formica GlossPlus Laminates as photographic lighting and modern printing processes allow. Formica GlossPlus Laminates are no different than any other material in that darker colours will always show scratches and superficial wear and tear more readily than lighter colours. The inherent nature of the high gloss laminate surface and the high optical reflectiveness means that slight rippling may be evident, especially in areas of strong direct and/or concentrated light. Formica GlossPlus Laminates should be protected from strong, direct sunlight as continuous exposure may cause discolouration or fading to the surface. Please obtain a copy of the terms and conditions of the Formica GlossPlus laminates 7 year limited warranty from This warranty is in addition to any rights that may exist under the Australian Consumer Law. Formica ® , GlossPlus ® ASW 947053 SEP 13 LAM1372 Formica stockist For more inspiration join us online at INFORMATION Visit for colour and design tips, technical information, care, maintenance and more. ENQUIRIES Call 132 136. SAMPLES Visit or call 1800 002 204. WARRANTY 7 year limited warranty.