Resource Brochure

10.Ref cabinet installation instructions. 1 Preparation of the ref cabinet. Temporally fix some scrap material to the top of the ref cabinet so that they overhang the sides. Make sure that you can remove these later after it is in position. If you cannot remove the material you will need to fix this from inside the cabinet. Tip, Position your screws approximately 50mm from the front and 25mm off the back to the inside of the cabinet this way if you are using the bulk head frame you can use the same screw holes. 2 Positioning of the top cabinet. Place the top cabinet into position against adjoining panel, clamp & fix into position allowing the door thickness margin. This will give you the position for the other panel. Tip, You can use two scrap pieces of material joined together to temporarily prop the cabinet level whilst you fit the other panel. 3 Fitting the side panel. Scribe to floor and wall the side panel, then fix into position as per the panel installation instructions making sure that you keep the panel plumb and parallel to the other panel. Tips, You can fix the side panel to the wall & floor by simply bedding the panel onto a bead of construction glue on the floor and wall as you install the panel.