Resource Brochure

11. Laminate bench top installation instructions. 1 Position your bench tops. Place your bench tops into position making sure that the bench top over hangs the front of the cabinets 35mm. 2 Make a template for difficult tops. Make a ply template to fit to walls if necessary. If in between two walls then mark & fit one end then the other end measuring how short the template is and use this to mark and fit the bench top. Tip, You can use the lid off the top of the delivery box for this purpose if you like. The back edge of the bench tops should be flush with the back of the cabinets. 3 Positioning of the sink. Position the sink so that the sink bowls fall inside the sink carcase. Tip, Make sure that you allow for the sink clips to the sides and front of the carcase. “IE” Standard is 60mm from the front of the bench top to the sink cut out hole. 4 Marking the sink position. Mark the sink position at the corners onto the bench top. Tip, You can use grey duct tape or masking tape on the bench top so that it is easier to see and will later protect the top from damage whilst cutting the hole.