Resource Brochure

12. 40mm Stone bench top installation instructions. 1 Placement of the substrate. Position the 18mm thick HMR MDF substrate to position ensuring that the edge overhangs the front of the cabinets by 10mm and is 25mm short of the planned overall length, width & depth to allow for the 20mm thick stone edgeing. Tip, HMR stands for “highly moisture resistant” also it is not necessary to fit the board to the walls. NOTE , The 10mm overhang to the substrate is to suit the popular 40mm mitred stone edges and any other type of edge thickening used, you should talk to your stone bench top fabricator to get advised on how much of an overhang to allow for. 2 Fixing substrate into position. Fix substrate into position using screws from underneath as per laminate bench top instructions. “NOTE” By fixing the substrate in place from underneath if anything happens to the top in the future then the top can be unscrewed and replaced. 3 Making templates. Position the 5mm MDF templates into position ensuring that any joins are fitted up closely and fit to walls as per laminate bench top installation instructions. “NOTE” Be accurate as the finished stone top will be fabricated to the exact size & shape of the templates. 4 Marking the sink & hot plates cut out holes. Mark and cut out the sink & hot plates holes as per the laminate bench top installation instructions.