Resource Brochure

14. Door and drawer front installation instructions. 1 Attaching the drawer slides to the cabinet. Screw the slides to the cabinet using the screws provided. Tip, Do this only after bench tops have been installed and sink & hot plate holes have been cut out, this will save grit from fouling the drawer tracks. 2 Preparing drawer fronts for installation. Tip, Use the screw driver bit to counter sink the pilot hole in the back of the drawer fronts, this will aid in putting the fronts onto the drawer box. 3 Attaching the drawer fronts to the drawer box. With a hand screw driver attach the drawer fronts using the 30mm screws & drawer front adjusters provided being careful to ensure the arrows face to the sides of the drawer. Adjust the drawers by moving side to side ; up & down by turning the adjusters. When you have them adjusted correctly tighten them firmly. Caution; for those customers that have chosen a moulded door with the whole of the centre that has been routed out do not forget to use the washers that have been provided underneath the drawer front adjuster so the screws do not come thru the drawer fronts. 4 Fixing the drawer fronts to the drawer boxes. Using the 30mm screws provided fix the fronts to the drawer box with four screws .