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Hera Lighting European style and efficiency come together in Hera’s range of LED lighting solutions for the kitchen, bathroom or commercial applications. Hera combines versatile design and state-of-the-art technology in high performance luminaires to suit your needs. Founded in 1934, Hera specialises in lighting technology of consistently high quality, cutting edge design, and easy installation at attractive prices. Hera’s first breakthrough came in 1961, when the founder of the company, Hermann Abke, developed the first fluorescent furniture light worldwide. Today, Hera is one of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting in the worldwide lighting market - efficient, long- lasting and low-voltage lighting systems that have revolutionised how we light our homes and workplaces. Lighting systems from Hera are distinctive due to a practical combination of pure functionality and attractive design. An innovative drive towards quality means Hera lighting is of unvarying quality. All Hera products are tested in their laboratory to ensure they conform to the highest standards of stability, reliability and safety. This means extremely uniform light colour, very long life expectancy, and a very low failure rate. Combine this with minimal heat generation, low voltage, and an easy plug-and-play installation system, and it is clear that Hera is the answer. Hera lighting - beautiful design, high quality, and maximum efficiency.