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Blum AVENTOS Lift Systems The AVENTOS lift system brings ease of motion to any wall cabinet. Even large and heavy fronts can be opened with the utmost ease. What makes AVENTOS especially practical is that it offers the furniture user full freedom of movement and provides the necessary cabinet access at all times, a great advantage over doors. In addition to the proven stability, variable stop capability and elegant design AVENTOS lift systems offer a complete solution for all-round high level movement. AVENTOS is the ideal solution for any wall cabinet. Whether in the kitchen or living area, with lots of space available or only a little, with small or large fronts, the supreme ease of motion never changes. Handle-less design is made possible with integrated SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support which opens with a gentle touch. Closing is triggered by pressing an ergonomically positioned button. TIP-ON mechanical opening support is now available for both AVENTOS HK and AVENTOS HK-S lift systems for where access to electricity is not possible or where compact design in small-height wall cabinets is preferred. TIP-ON ensures stay lifts open with a gentle push on the cabinet front and close securely with a soft push. Keep your business at the forefront of design whilst providing your customers with easy access and uninterrupted workflows: Achieve easy access and better workflows with AVENTOS overhead lift systems rather than left and right opening overhead cupboard doors in wall cabinets. With AVENTOS, the front glides up and out of the user’s way providing unobstructed access and complete overview. Thanks to the variable stop feature of Blum AVENTOS lift systems, lift fronts stop when let go and remain at every desired position, always within easy reach. Both hands are free and optimal access to the cabinet interior is achieved. Wall cabinets with lift systems give easy access to cabinet interiors and also provide a better workflow. They are easy to open and glide up and out of the user’s way, with no bending back to avoid doors or weaving around cupboard doors when working in the kitchen or emptying the dishwasher. AVENTOS is especially practical by offering furniture users full freedom of movement and complete, unhindered cabinet access at all times – a great advantage over doors.