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FF 8.89 Dimensions in mm Dimensional data not binding. We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice Prices • Availability • Ordering TCH-FF 2012 HAA / HNZ 8 Kitchen Fittings Waste Bins Waste Bin Accessories Door opener set For hinged panel waste bins, with follower • Material: Plastic foot lever and spring loaded roller arm, steel kickplate • Finish: Brown foot lever, white roll element, black powder-coated kickplate Cat. No. 502.15.033 Packing: 1 and 10 pieces Function Supplied with: • 1 Foot lever • 1 Kickplate • 1 Spring loaded roller arm → Spring loaded roller arm 30 190 • Area of application: For the automatic opening of waste bins mounted behind fronts • Material: Aluminium, plastic, rubber • Finish: Silver coloured, black Cat. No. 502.15.042 Packing: 1 and 10 pieces Spring-loaded roller arm Foot lever Kickplate HAILO Kick and Go door opener For fixed panel waste bins Cat. No. Standard - for fixed panel waste bins up to 30 litre capacity 502.15.260 Heavy Duty - for fixed panel waste bins above 30 litre capacity 502.15.250 Packing: 1 piece Note Kick and Go door opener is not suitable for waste bins with soft close function.